Monday, November 17, 2008

How to clean your Eyeglasses

What is the correct way to clean your glasses? Well there is a real simple and inexpensive way to clean your eyewear when they are extremely dirty and that is to simply run them under warm water and put a very small amount of dish soap with no lotion and gently rub the lenses with your fingers. Once the lenses have been washed dry them with any clean cotton or microfiber towel. If you have lenses that have the anti-glare coatings especially the better anti-glare like Crizal just use the microfiber cloth that typically comes with the lenses. Crizal lenses and the better anti-glare with the hydrophobic coatings clean very easily with no water at all. Of course if they have a lot of particules and dust rinsing them in warm water is a good idea. If you take care of your new eyewear the lenses now a days can last two or three years before you have visible scratches. The Crizal family of lens coatings is superior to anything on the market.

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