Saturday, November 29, 2008

Polarized lenses

Today there are many options to chose from when it come to polarized sunglasses or polarized prescription sunglasses. For the best performance for polarized sunglasses we recommend looking at the type of outdoor activities you are doing and which color is best for that activity.Many of the hunters and trap shooters will use a vermilion or yellow polarized to get better contrast when they are shooting and the conditions outside can also play a factor. Many of the different colors of polarized lenses have only been available until now. If your looking for a specialty polarized lens and need a bifocal or progressive lens here is a great tool for you to see which activity goes with the different polarized colors.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well the left over turkey is in the frig. Thanksgiving is over and now we officially kick off the Christmas buying season. Sunglasses make an excellent Christmas gift and now it is easier then ever. In the comfort of your own home you can browse through the different styles and even try the on a face with our Virtual Try On. Sunglasses are an important part of your family's overall health. Their protection from harmful UV rays is even more critical when they are young and their eyes are still developing and studies show that long term exposure to UV light can be harmful to our eyes. So enjoy the season and check out all those cool eyeglass frames at FramesRX. Don't forget to use up your flex spending account before the end of the year! Pictured above are some styles from the Ray-Ban Junior collection.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight-Sunglasses-Robert Pattinson

In the new smash hit *Twilight* Robert Pattinson is wearing the Wayfarer 2140 pictured above. The price from FramesRx is $118.15. The frame is also available in the following colors.

Aqua Bold LTD edition (962/40)
Black (901/58)
Cranberry (969/39)
Grey (961)
Hunter Green (964)
Purple (966)
RED (955)
Rose (968/3E)
Tortoise (902/57)
White (956)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Sunglasses

For all my new Twitter friends . If you refer a friend or family member to and they purchase Eyewear (minimum $50) we will enter you into a drawing for a free designer sunglass frame. We will give one womens or one mens frame away. The two styles are pictured above. The drawing will be held on New Years Day. We will also give updates as to who is in the drawing. Please have the person that you refered send us an email to and lets us know the Twitter user name of the person that refered them. Thanks for your participation!

Tips for ordering glasses online

One of the difficult things about picking out eyeglasses online is deciding if the frame that you chose will work with your prescription. Unless you have a very strong prescription most metal frames and plastic frames will be suitable. The drill mount type of frame is also suitable for lower to mid strength prescriptions. When prescriptions that are stronger over 5.00 diopters of power the thinner high index lenses should really be considered, although polycarbonate lenses will work for higher prescription it is not the ideal choice. For the drill mount type of frames the prescription should be reasonable such as 5.00 diopters our below. With the drill mount frames using the high index lenses is a must this would mean any lens over a 1.60 index of refraction. Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses can be used , however the higher index lenses are a better choice. The one thing to remember when you pick out a frame for your prescription is to stay away of the goggle type frame where the lens is joined together in the bridge. The example above shows this type of frame. This type of frame can only have prescription lenses if there is an insert that fits behind the lens which can hold the prescription lenses. If a frame looks out of the ordinary and you are not sure call and double check. this will save a lot of time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Tom Ford Eyewear

The new James Bond Quantum of Solace Tom Ford Eyewear are definitely the "Big New Thing" in eye wear fashion. I am not against James Bond but when it comes to Hollywood I really think that all the hype is really overrated.I have looked around to see what the new Quantum of solace sun wear are selling for and I was shocked to see a price tag of $342.00. These days Americans seem to be scrutinizing every CEO at every company and are outraged by the amount of money they make or the bonuses received. I think that it is time for America to wake up and look at some of the other businesses such as Hollywood and any other celebrity type and question whether they are worth their pay. If you are looking for the cool look of James Bond. Check out the Ray-Ban Line at FramesRx. There are numerous styles that have the same look and quality for two thirds the price. Yes Ray-Ban is owned by a large company that does very well but at least they have reasonable prices on sun wear that really is not any difference in look or quality. So have fun with your eye wear look cool but be sensible. If you must have the Quantum of Solace sun wear take care of them and don't lose them.They will not be cheap to replace but will fatten the wallet of some Hollywood elite.

How to clean your Eyeglasses

What is the correct way to clean your glasses? Well there is a real simple and inexpensive way to clean your eyewear when they are extremely dirty and that is to simply run them under warm water and put a very small amount of dish soap with no lotion and gently rub the lenses with your fingers. Once the lenses have been washed dry them with any clean cotton or microfiber towel. If you have lenses that have the anti-glare coatings especially the better anti-glare like Crizal just use the microfiber cloth that typically comes with the lenses. Crizal lenses and the better anti-glare with the hydrophobic coatings clean very easily with no water at all. Of course if they have a lot of particules and dust rinsing them in warm water is a good idea. If you take care of your new eyewear the lenses now a days can last two or three years before you have visible scratches. The Crizal family of lens coatings is superior to anything on the market.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun Eyewear-Nerd Glasses (Cat Eyes)

It is amazing how time has a way of coming full circle. Remember those thick black frames or those extreme cat eyed shaped frames for the ladies? When I look back at those family photos I can't help but laugh at the eyewear. Well they are back and they are hotter than ever but this time around we have them in every color of the rainbow. Oh yeah you can still get the Buddy Holly replica made by Criss Optical Or if you want that look from the JFK movie FramesRx has them. At FramesRx we have every look from every generation, so if you want fun,unique,vintage or classic eyewear try FramesRx. We have a state of the art advanced search engine to look for any style you like and with over a million style colors and size combinations you are sure to find the exact fun style your looking for. Also if you would like to see how those new glasses look with your favorite outfit try going to Polyvore will allow you to mix and match all types of clothing and accessories, and you can save the sets that you create and send them to your friends. What is even better is others on Ployvore can comment on the sets that you create. My 11 year old daughter has had hours of fun creating her perfect fashion look. Another great site to visit is Kaboodle. Kaboodle gives you tons of fun stuff to shop for from thousands of merchants.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eye Floaters and Seeing Spots in the Eye -

Eye Floaters and Seeing Spots in the Eye -

Childrens Eyeglasses

FramesRx children

At FramesRx, we feel confident you'll find a pair of eyeglasses that both you and your child will love. Today's styles feature durability and safety for your peace of mind, as well as designs that please your kids. Our ToughRx polycarbonate lenses are also the most impact resistant lenses available making them the recommended lenses for children’s glasses.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Helpful Tips in purchasing Eyewear Online

Getting Started
Most online eyewear providers feature a catalog that shows the frames they offer in detail. You can view each available color and read a description of the frames' features, such as what material they're made of (plastic or metal, for example), or whether they have spring hinges.

You also need to decide what lens material and which coatings, if any, you want. Are polycarbonate, high-index or regular plastic lenses best for you? Do you need ultraviolet (UV) coating? What about an anti-reflective coating? Is a tint a good idea?

Safety Eyewear

Remember most eye injuries happen at home. Working at home can be just as dangerous as the workplace and if you are like the milloions of others taking that risk every day you don't have to. Frames Rx can provide Safety Eyewear affordable and all of our safety eyewear is OSHA approved.